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Shape Up For Summer

Join us for a 1 hour full body beach workout with a beach lifestyle edge, three times a week (Mon, Wed & Fri). Our workouts are fresh and exciting and all take place as the sun rises and before any other daily distractions, with classes starting at 5:15-6:15am.

We include trail runs, cardio, core muscles, body weight, water and sand resistance as well as dunes, canoeing, beach sports and even a chance to try your hand at surfing.

We cater for different fitness and ability levels from "seasoned office dweller" to "adventure nut". Our programme is perfect for those who want a break from the confines of the gym and monotony of road running, or simply looking for a new fun and effective way to live a healthier lifestyle or as cross training.

Our full body beach workouts incorporate natural resistance of your own body weight, beach sand and water. We also include a beach lifestyle edge and our workouts are fresh and exciting and include trail runs, canoeing, beach volleyball, beach soccer, dunes, beach circuits and who knows?... you might even get a surfing tip or two.

Don't be intimidated though, as we cater for all ages and ability levels and offer a slow and fast class during each time slot. We also have experienced lifeguards on our team ensuring that you are safe and well cared for at all times.

EMAIL jonginenge@gmail.com or phone Dean on 0833052590

Cost: R685 for 6 weeks & R456 for 4 weeks.

Upcoming BEACHFIT courses start 1st September.

We will start Monday, Wednesday, Friday with classes beginning at 5h15am sharp – please don't be late! Meet at the East London Surf Lifesaving Club @ Nahoon Beach

Bring: yourself, & don't forget your sense of fun - NO ATTITUDES allowed – oh yes & don't forget your takkies, water bottle & beach towel. Some sessions might require you getting wet, but we'll let you know in advance.

Jonginenge prefers payment in the form of electronic transfers paid into the following account:

Proof of payment should be emailed to jonginenge@gmail.com or faxed to 0866131157

Bank details:

Account: Jonginenge cc.
Bank: Bank Standard Bank
Account number: 042041678
Branch code: 053721

You have to pay in full to secure your place and this payment is non-refundable as this space is booked for you and cannot be filled once the Beachfit has started.


Please send a confirmation e-mail to jonginenge@gmail.com to let us know that you’re in or phone Dean on 0833052590 & you will also need to send through your proof of payment.

Beach Beachfit T-Shirt - R100.00

Orders will be taken during the first week.

If you have any more questions give us a call on 0833052590

We look forward to helping you to improve your lifestyle and feel exhilirated.

Yours in fun, adventure & getting in shape for summer

Dean & the Beachfit Team



  • YOU HAVE TO COMMIT to the full course, 3 times per week. This is important not only for you to get maximum benefit but also because the progression is quite fast and if you miss a few sessions you will fall behind.
  • As we said we are specialist – in fun & outdoor adventure – we are not medical specialists - so it is important that you don't have any MAJOR medical problems and injuries, you will have to sign on the dotted line for this!
  • Most applicants are VERY unfit, mostly office dwellers when they join the first time. Don't be scared to join as the program is designed to cater for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels and most importantly to get you as fit and in shape as you can possibly be in 6 weeks time. You will not regret it!!!
  • It is imperative that you book quickly, as places fill up quickly and limited places are available.
  • All of our exercises are based on the natural environment utilizing the resistance of beach sand, dunes and the sea combined with exercises like squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups etc. and short runs to improve your cardiovascular fitness - who knows you might even get to canoe as well as a surfing tip
    or two.


 ”For the last 4 weeks, waking up at 5am has been a pleasure. The sun, sea and beach make waking up early worth it.

In four weeks I have not only become much fitter but have seen definition in my body. I am now able to run along the beach for more than 5 minutes! It has been so enjoyable that I have signed on for the next two camps!

Fantastic for any stage of fitness!”


“I started on 11.01.10 at 89.5kg (so badly retaining my baby weight!), and when I weighed myself after our session on 25.01.10, I came in at 84.4kg. I attribute it all to Beachfit as I’ve been eating as badly as ever.”


"Well I started Beachfit weighing 130kg's.
I have tried my best and pushed myself as hard as I could while also having loads of fun. I have enjoyed every day, river paddling, volleyball, and some days the sand dunes & exercises.
 Unbeknown to me at the time when I started Beachfit I had just fallen pregnant. I Have only found out this week & I am now nearly 6 weeks and going strong and now weigh 123.2kg's and feeling better and more energized than I have for months - I am so happy and excited and have been given the ok by my doctor to carry on with Beachfit.”


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Beach Boot Camp
Beach Boot Camp
Beach Boot Camp
Beach Boot Camp
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