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Grade 5: Coastal Hike (Nahoon Reef /Bat’s Cave/Coastal forest)

This is a guided hike along one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the area, focusing on the historical and geographical significance. Learners weave their way along the rugged wind and wave carved sandstone landscape with secluded coves, blowholes and arches.

Grade 5 - Coastal Hike Grade 5 - Coastal Hike Grade 5 - Coastal Hike

Visit the site where early human footprints were found (±120 000 years old), and some animal tracks can still be seen on the ceiling of 1 particular cave. Learners discover how the footprints were formed by making plaster casts of their own feet.

Grade 5 - Coastal Hike Grade 5 - Footprints

Also learn about some of the plants used for indigenous medicine as the trail moves into the coastal forest, different types of rock and coastal landforms, as well as looking at some of the sources of pollution in the area. Spectacular whale and dolphin sightings are frequent from the many great lookout points.

HISTORY- LO1, AS’s 1.1, 1.2, 1.3; LO2, AS2.3

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