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Outings for High Schools

We are fully mobile and offer outings ranging from half a day at your local beach, to 3 days of adventure and learning at a resort of your choice in the region.

We offer:

• Environmental Education
• Practical Fieldwork
• Eco-Adventure
• Leadership Camps
• Outdoor Education Camps

Each outing incorporates an eco-adventure component and an environment appreciation component. All ages are catered for and activities are tailored to suit the curriculum requirements and physical capabilities of each group.

High Schools: Leadership High Schools: Leadership High Schools: Leadership

Environmental education and practical fieldwork topics include:

• Sun/Surf safety
• Eco-systems (Beach/Estuary and Lagoon/Reef)
• Food webs
• Coastal plant studies (Dunes/Mangroves/Medicinal plants/Alien species)
• Pollution and beach clean-ups
• Water quality surveys
• Rock pool studies
• Classification of marine species
• Coastal land forms
• Environmental processes (Tides/Erosion/Ocean currents/etc.)
• Natural phenomena (El Nino/Global warming and sea level rise/Tsunami/Red Tide)
• Weather patterns
• Map work
• Swell prediction
• People and the coast
• Commercial activities and impact thereof
• Tourism and recreational activities
• Endangered species
• Whale and dolphin watching (incidental learning)
• Myths and legends
• Traditional fishing methods
• Strandlopers and Shell middens

Eco-adventure activities include:

• Canoe trails
• Coastal hikes
• “Survivor” type challenges
• Orienteering
• Lifesaving skills
• Surf lessons
• Sand boarding
• Snorkelling
• Abseiling
• Kloofing

High Schools: Sand Boarding High Schools: Canoe Trails High Schools: Surf Lessona

Other activities include:

• Leadership courses
• Teambuilding

3 Day outings

We also offer outings at various venues along the coast if you should wish to go on a longer outing. All environmental education and adventure activities are co-ordinated by Jonginenge on these camps.

Beach-based Team Building for school staff (±4hrs)

“Survivor” style challenges designed to improve communication, teamwork, team spirit and provide a positive shared experience.
This is great for new leaders or before choosing leaders. We can accommodate a whole grade for this activity.

Some schools we work with in East London:

• Selborne Primary and College
• Clarendon Prep, Primary and High School
• Stirling Primary and High School
• Hudson Primary and High School
• Cambridge Primary
• Gonubie Primary
• Union High School
• Westbank High School
• Beaconhurst
• Parkside
• Buffalo Flats
• Aspiranza
• Alphendale
• Merrifield College
• Songezo
• Luzuko
• Phakamile Primary
• Peter Pan
• Poo’s Corner
• Home Schoolers
• Kidds Beach Primary
• Stutterheim High School
• Arcadia
• Dale Junior
• Central Primary
• St. Annes
• Crewe Primary
• Khulani Commercial High


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